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Synopsis of ‘Plantinga on Warrant’ by Richard Swinburne

This post provides a brief synopsis of Richard Swinburne's 'Plantinga on Warrant' in Religious Studies, Volume 37, Number 2, published by Cambridge University Press in 2001.

Synopsis of ‘Is Belief in God Properly Basic?’ by Alvin Plantinga

A brief synopsis of Alvin Plantinga's argument for the basic tenet of reformed epistemology. This synopsis is based on 'Is Belief in God Properly Basic?' published in the journal Nous (1981) and Chapter 6 of Warranted Christian Belief (OUP, 2000).

Does Neuroscience Say Madonna is a Material Girl?

What are neural correlates of consciousness? And what do they imply about the nature of the mind? These are the questions to be addressed in this post.

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