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Journal of Consciousness Studies article on IIT & Aristotelianism

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March 7, 2019 // By Matthew Owen Recently, Garrett Mindt edited a special issue of the Journal of Consciousness Studies on the Integrated Information Theory of consciousness (known as IIT). It was wonderful to work

‘Aristotelian Causation and Neural Correlates of Consciousness’ published in Topoi

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October 23, 2018 // By Matthew Owen Recently, my research article Aristotelian Causation and Neural Correlates of Consciousness was published in Topoi: An International Review of Philosophy. A pre-print draft can be freely downloaded here and

Update: Tiny Blue Dot Fellowship at Gonzaga University

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July 20, 2018 // By Matthew Owen Having completed my PhD at the University of Birmingham-England, I am excited to begin a postdoctoral fellowship based at Gonzaga University generously funded by the Tiny Blue Dot

Neural Correlates of Consciousness & the Nature of the Mind

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February 28, 2018 // By Matthew Owen Recently, I contributed a chapter entitled 'Neural Correlates of Consciousness and the Nature of the Mind' to Mihretu Guta's volume Consciousness and the Ontology of Properties, forthcoming from Routledge.

APA Pacific Meeting in Seattle: Five Places to Philosophize Outside the Conference Hotel

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The American Philosophical Association Pacific Division meeting will be in Seattle from April 12th-17th. For those of us who love studying philosophy, it will be tempting to set off the nerd-alert by staying cooped up in a hotel conference room during one's entire trip to the Emerald City. To avoid this travel fallacy, you may want to do a little philosophizing in the following places.

Where’s Grandpa? Alzheimer’s & the Persistence of Human Persons

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As someone suffers from Alzheimer's disease and the neural tissue in their brain deteriorates causing their memories to fade, what happens to the person? That's the question I'll address in this post in honor of my hero, my grandpa, Keith Wallace Owen.