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‘The Son of God and Trinitarian Identity Statements’ in TheoLogica

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March 7, 2019 // By Matthew Owen A special issue of TheoLogica: An International Journal for Philosophy of Religion and Philosophical Theology that Fred Sanders and I edited was recently released. Not only did I

APA Pacific Meeting in Seattle: Five Places to Philosophize Outside the Conference Hotel

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The American Philosophical Association Pacific Division meeting will be in Seattle from April 12th-17th. For those of us who love studying philosophy, it will be tempting to set off the nerd-alert by staying cooped up in a hotel conference room during one's entire trip to the Emerald City. To avoid this travel fallacy, you may want to do a little philosophizing in the following places.

Dropping Wisdom: Catching Up With Mr. Wise

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In this article Matthew interviews freeskier, David Wise, who won a gold medal in ski halfpipe at the 2014 Olympic Games, adding to his three X-Games gold medals. This article was first published March 4, 2015 by SBC: Skier online.

Synopsis of ‘How the Existence of God Explains Miracles & Religious Experience’ by Richard Swinburne

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In the closing chapter of 'Is There A God?' published by Oxford University Press in 1996, Richard Swinburne argues that miracles and religious experience provide substantial further evidence for God's existence.

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Synopsis of ‘Plantinga on Warrant’ by Richard Swinburne

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This post provides a brief synopsis of Richard Swinburne's 'Plantinga on Warrant' in Religious Studies, Volume 37, Number 2, published by Cambridge University Press in 2001.

Synopsis of ‘Is Belief in God Properly Basic?’ by Alvin Plantinga

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A brief synopsis of Alvin Plantinga's argument for the basic tenet of reformed epistemology. This synopsis is based on 'Is Belief in God Properly Basic?' published in the journal Nous (1981) and Chapter 6 of Warranted Christian Belief (OUP, 2000).

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