Matthew Owen is an American philosopher whose research focuses on philosophy of mind, philosophy of neuroscience, and analytic theology.

Recent Book

Matthew Owen’s Measuring the Immeasurable Mind convincingly argues that the existence of the footprints of consciousness in the brain, the famed neural correlates of consciousness, is fully compatible with a dualistic view of the mind-body problem informed by Aristotle and Aquinas.

Christof Koch, PhD (Allen Institute for Brain Science)

Teaching Testimonial

Professor Matt Owen was beyond great. He made sure that each and every student understood the concept of the material he was teaching…Overall Matt made me want to attend class often. Can’t believe I’m saying this, but he actually made philosophy really interesting!

Anonymous Undergrad Student (Heritage University)


Matthew Owen’s Measuring the Immeasurable Mind, brings a breath of fresh air to one of the most hotly debated issues of the nature of consciousness…This is an excellent book that will be of great interest for philosophers and neuroscientists who work on consciousness research. 

Mihretu P. Guta, PhD (Addis Ababa University & Biola University)

Teaching Testimonial

Every week I looked forward to his engaging lectures and I often found myself taking measures to learn more about the material outside of class because he create[d] a new passion for the subject within me…That is a man that truly cares about his students and getting them the best quality education he possibly can.

Anonymous Undergrad Student (Yakima Valley College)