October 1, 2019 // Matthew Owen

Toward the end of last month, my article ‘Circumnavigating the causal pairing problem with hylomorphism and the integrated information theory of consciousness’ was published in the journal Synthese. Here is a link to the published article where it can be downloaded by those with a subscription or library access, and this link provides free access to the article (although it does not permit free downloads). The article has been published ‘online first’ but it is part of a special issue of Synthese on form, structure, and hylomorphism edited by Anna Marmodoro and Michele Paolini Paoletti. Another article in the issue concerning Aristotelian substances and quantum physics by Robert Koons has also been published ‘online first’ as an open access article freely available at this link. Keep an eye out for the remaining forthcoming articles in the special issue!