Dr. Matthew Owen is a philosopher from Yakima, Washington. He is a faculty member in the Philosophy Department at Yakima Valley College, which is located one mile from the rural hospital where three generations of the Owen family have been born. Matthew is also an affiliate faculty member at the Center for Consciousness Science at the University of Michigan.

After completing his PhD at the University of Birmingham (UK), Matthew was the Elizabeth R. Koch Research Fellow for Tiny Blue Dot Consciousness Studies at Gonzaga University under the supervision of Dr. Christof Koch (Allen Institute for Brain Science) and Dr. Brian Clayton (Gonzaga University). Matthew has also taught at Heritage University on the Yakama Nation Reservation; and he was a visiting faculty member at the Biosignal Interaction and Personhood Technology Lab at McGill University during the 2021-2022 academic year. Matthew earned his BA at the University of Washington as he competed for the university in track and field in addition to cross country running. He also earned two MAs at Biola University in California. 

Matthew and his wife Aryn live with their two children, Emma and Peter, their lab Anselm, and four goats (Aristotle, Augustine, Thaddeus, and Galileo) in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, where they enjoy hiking and skiing. Aryn is the Eastern Washington Educator and a flight nurse for Airlift Northwest, the medevac branch of UW Medicine.

Matthew and Aryn skiing with Emma and Peter at White Pass, Washington. Photographer: Andrew Hull